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World Impact Suppliers, January 2023

A TLB, also known as a truck loader backhoe, is one of the handiest pieces of heavy equipment available. They are the jack of all trades for landscapers, contractors, farmers, and many other professionals using heavy machinery.
They can perform many different tasks across small, mid-sized to large projects quite easily and quickly. They are also compatible with plenty of attachments that make them so versatile.
What exactly can they do? Let’s take a look at all the benefits a TLB can bring your business. World

Our clients can hire any of our JCB 3CX Site Master TLBs

Firstly, they are all about working smarter, not harder. TLBs have this crafty ability to bring various different functions together into one piece of machinery. Not only can you perform many different tasks, but you can also perform two at the same time!

Two of its most popular functionalities are digging and moving. You have the loader bucket on one side for pushing, lifting, and carrying materials. Then you have the backhoe on the other side for easy digging. Between the two are stabilizer legs that reach onto the ground and provide much-needed support when work is done on uneven terrain. It is a stable design that prevents it from tipping and allows it to work well on a variety of terrain types, such as rocky soil, hard-packed ground, on flat or inclined surfaces.
The swivelling seat can face the backhoe to dig on one side, turn around, to then lift with the loader. Attachments can even be added to maximize your options. With one tool you can dig a trench with the backhoe, move rubble off a work site, or even level a surface.

World Impact Supplies has a small trench bucket available as an attachment which is ideal for digging foundations, and installation of electrical cables, pipelines, and small water pipes. This eliminates the need to hire additional equipment while streamlining your fleet management needs.

The TLB’s safe and enclosed cab keeps the driver protected from rocks, dirt, and other hazards on the job site.


Clearing a site from debris, rubble, rocks, tree stumps, and rough terrain are but a few things that a TLB can move around before you start with a new project or move on to the next phase.


TLBs ensure that your project is successful by creating a perfect foundation. Land levelling reshapes the ground’s floor surface area to a projected shape, slope or even level to make the perfect site for landscaping, facilities or even buildings.


After any project be it commercial or residential, getting rid of plants, bricks, hardcore, rubble, soil, packaging, furniture, furnishings, fixtures, wood, metal etc becomes an easy job for a TLB. They save you time and the hassle of doing it all yourself. At World Impact Solutions we even visit the rubbish landfill for you!


A TLB can be used to dig trenches for piping, agricultural irrigation systems, farmers’ watering troughs, laying fibre, cables, lines for waste, overflow and storm runoff for plumbers and building contractors as well as underground utility installations and repairs.


A well-dug-out foundation is essential before the builders pour the concrete. This machine will give you a solid foundation.


These versatile machines are quite handy and not too big when you want to build a new pool, a spa, a lake or even a pond. They ensure that you are not caught off guard by an abundance of rocks, roots, or even logs on your property. Not only can they dig a foundationally sound swimming pool, but they will remove all that extra soil as well.


If you require the filling of large holes with materials or soil, the TLB is the machine for you. It can also spread material or dirt fill like sand and rocks.



As mentioned above, a backhoe loader can accomplish digging up whole trees to excavating a space for a pond. Whatever a homeowner’s requirements regarding remodelling or redesigning their space, these machines can transport various materials and soil and dig trenches for irrigation lines, fibre and cables. Landscaping is not limited to residential areas but is quite essential for many other types of commercial properties such as business outdoor spaces. A TLB is useful when it is required to design a space that reflects the values of an organisation. After all, landscaping can transform any size of space which has profound benefits for any business.


Both residential and industrial construction projects benefit from the versatility and manoeuvrability of backhoe loaders. They make small demolition tasks easy and can help with grading, material hauling and breaking up pavement across all job sizes. A nifty machine for any construction site.


For whatever unexpected needs appear on a farm, a backhoe is an essential piece of machinery. A TLB’s job on the farm can involve anything from laying irrigation pipes to burying dead livestock and lifting hay bales.

These industries are far from the only ones that can take advantage of tracker backhoe loaders. Other specialised work such as logging, roadwork and material handling is right up this machine’s alley.


JCB is a pioneer of the backhoe, first introducing it in 1953, and remaining an industry leader today. With superior technology and innovation, as well as strength and capability, these backhoes are some of the most popular in the construction industry.
Our clients can hire any of our JCB 3CX Site Master TLBs. It has an extendable backhoe that can dig 2 meters deeper than other TLBs. The front bucket is a clam bucket, which can open and close, excellent for fine detail levelling. These machines help you be the master of all jobs, on any worksite!

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