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Ladysmith’s most professional TLB and construction equipment hire specialists 

With more than 12 years of experience and working with some of the biggest organizations within the industry, we guarantee the rental of superb high-quality earthmoving vehicles while signing up for exceptional customer service

Our aim is to ensure that your site projects are completed successfully with minimum downtime because we know, time is money. We operate within Ladysmith, Kwazulu Natal but are willing to travel ensuring safe, easy, and cost-effective solutions for our clients. 

Well-trained operators equipped with all the necessary documentation are more than competent in handling our equipment. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest industry standards of safety and regulations. All our machines undergo regular maintenance and daily checks to ensure they are ready to work when needed!  

Our TLBs – Equipped with liability insurance 

TLBs are actually called tractor-loader-backhoes due to their versatility. The boom, known as the arm of the machine gives it the capability of digging and easy loading over a truck. The dipper, which is the bucket in front aids in clearing and moving various types of materials and debris, even levelling terrain. 

They obviously excel in building roads and commercial properties, but these multipurpose, powerful, and extremely manoeuvrable machines are quite useful for even farmers, waste removal companies and building projects.   

They perform a host of tasks and are key pieces of machinery for the following: 

  • Clearing: Site debris, rocks, tree stumps, 
  • Levelling: Rough terrain 
  • Spreading: The perfect tool to spread material or dirt fill like sand and rocks 
  • Filling: Moving soil or materials to fill large holes 
  • Transportation: Moving building materials and equipment  
  • Digging: Used for digging projects that do not require an excavator 

used in the various building industries. The machine has an arm which is known as the boom and a section of the machine carries a bucket which is called a dipper.

Watch our amazing video HERE where one of our TLBs is clearing site debris in Ladysmith, KZN. Hire one of our reliable machines today!  

Roller Hire – Bomag 75 walk behind roller – Best soil compaction Solution 

Bomag has been the leader in hand-guided rollers since 1957, giving you unrivalled compaction quality and reliability. This high-performance wonder with a 750mm drum width, is designed for general use on earthworks, granular, or asphalt construction. Its double vibratory system ensures smooth and consistent operation for an even surface finish. 

This machine is also suitable for new construction work and maintenance of footpaths, road shoulders, cycle paths, parking areas, garage driveways, playgrounds, and commercial and forestry roads. 

Reasons to compact soil for your site projects: 

The process of soil compaction is to mechanically increase the density of the soil, a significant part of the building process in construction. If performed inadequately, settlement of the soil could occur and result in unnecessary maintenance costs or structure failure. Here are the five main principles you need to bear in mind when taking on a construction project – Soil compaction: 

  • Increases load-bearing capacity 
  • Prevents soil settlement and frost damage
  • Provides stability
  • Reduces water seepage, swelling and contraction 
  • Reduces settling of soil 

Avoid nasty and costly project failures by hiring our powerful walk behind roller today! 

22 Ton  Excavator for rent – Help your projects work more efficiently and effectively 

They are engineered with exceptional strength, productivity, and efficiency. Excavators are perfect for roadworks, road construction, or when work areas are spread out as they can transport themselves between areas without needing time-consuming loading and unloading procedures. 

They can dig trenches, holes, and foundations much more easily and effectively than any other piece of heavy equipment on the market.  In addition to digging, they can also be used for projects such as demolition, dredging rivers, material handling or simply lifting heavy objects.  

Tipper Trucks – 6 and 10 cube tippers

They are ideal for lifting and transporting loose building materials such as asphalt, construction aggregate, dirt, grain, gravel, sand, and wood chips in bulk efficiently around a worksite. Our various-sized tippers are perfect for the removal of demolition rubble, garden refuse, and other site rubble ensuring your projects are clean and safe. 

Our Valued Approach

  • All our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and daily checks to ensure they are ready to work when needed. 
  • Not only do we adhere to all industry standards of safety and regulations, but all our TLBs have liability insurance. 
  • We provide our clients with experienced and well-trained operators who possess valid operator certificates, driver’s licenses, and PPEs. 
  • Knowing that within the industries we operate in, predictability is not to be counted on, we have a technical backup assistant available on site to give you peace of mind.

We have proudly served Ladysmith for many years, helping companies grow their business and do their best work possible! Hire our quality equipment today