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About Us

Experts in the plant hire industry of Ladysmith 

World Impact Suppliers cc was established in 2010, by John Dauth. As a proudly South African organization, John and his team aim to be the earthmoving industry leaders of professionalism and expertise within Ladysmith and the surrounding areas of Kwazulu Natal. 

Our Valued Approach

All our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and daily checks to ensure they are ready to work when needed. Our aim is to ensure minimum downtime for our clients because we know time is money. 

Our quality is guaranteed, as we provide services to even large organizations such as Spilltech, Transnet, and Drizit. 

Not only do we adhere to all industry standards of safety and regulations, but all our TLBs have liability insurance. 

We provide our clients with experienced and well-trained operators who possess valid operator certificates, driver’s licenses, and PPEs. They can handle all our machines more than competently

Knowing that within the industries we operate in, predictability is not to be counted on, we have a technical backup assistant available on site to give you peace of mind.

Available Plant Hire Equipment – Our operators are expert professionals 

Our earthmoving rental vehicles consist of high-quality insured TLBs, rollers, excavators, and tipper trucks. Our operators are well-trained to handle all equipment competently and safely. Contact us today to hire yours for the successful completion of all your site projects:  

  • TLB Hire 
  • Roller Hire – Bomag 75 walk behind roller 
  • Excavator Hire – 22-ton excavator for hire 
  • Tipper Trucks – 6 and 10 cube tippers

View our product page to see a detailed description of each. 

Our efficient earthmoving services – Sign up for exceptional customer service

We provide fast and effective site clearing, rubble removal, digging, blasting, and levelling services. These are not limited to the mining, construction, and farming industries, but we are more than capable to dig trenches or even swimming pools. 

Our services thus include: 

  • Site clearing
  • Rock or stone cracking 
  • Blasting
  • Site levelling 
  • Rubble removal 
  • Trench digging 
  • Swimming pool digging
  • Foundation digging 

View our services page to see a detailed description of each. 

Our Vision & Mission 

We aim to be the biggest plant and TLB hire company within Ladysmith and the surrounding areas of Kwazulu Natal by setting an industry standard of expert professionalism and superb high quality.

World Impact Suppliers – The best solution for you 

Construction equipment is an essential part of any site project, regardless of the size or scope. Our machines help to make your processes more efficient and to streamline the various tasks involved. Our aim is to help companies grow and do their best work possible through our professionalism, expertise, and superb high quality. 

Hiring our equipment can be advantageous for almost any homeowner or business owner looking to get their project off the ground. 

We give you solutions to common construction and site issues: 

  • We save you time, by providing you with the right equipment. You don’t need to hunt down the right sizes or buy equipment that you might not be able to store later. When you get to your project, your equipment will be ready when you arrive.  
  • We ensure that you have a dedicated team on hand because our operators are well-trained and professional. No need to hire a contractor or invest in expensive cranes, TLBs, etc. 
  • We ensure you receive machinery that can safely lift and/or move materials because we guarantee that they are in good working order when you need them. 
  • There is no risk to your assets because you do not have to worry about equipment breaking down or needing repairs. We take care of the rentals that you receive.  
  • Hiring construction equipment for your next project is a great way to save time, money, and energy—while still getting the job done safely and effectively.

 When you choose World Impact Suppliers for machinery hire or to move materials, you are also signing up for exceptional customer service and valuable expertise

Our knowledge and know-how are the grail that gives us an advantage over other suppliers and truly benefits our customers. 

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